Cost-effective catering in the time of COVID-19

Cost control and transparency

With the new challenges presented by COVID-19, managing costs has become more important than ever. We are focused on helping you reduce your annual catering expenditure. Here is how we can help.

1/ Competitive Pricing

Our Catering Management platform provides price transparency at the point of ordering, we present as many providers as possible to you in each location to ensure there is healthy competition for your custom. Also, we are committed to working with our providers to ensure their pricing is fair and informed by market requirements.

2/ Structured Ordering

Our Catering Management Platform supports your team to design well-structured menus that deliver consistent, cost-effective and, importantly, excellent cuisine, while also giving complete flexibility for each VIP’s preferences and needs. The order can be set to meet pre-determined budgets across all services, including PAX, crew and cabin services.

3/ No surprises

Private Flight closes all invoices on behalf of customers and we query any price or order discrepancies as part of our service to you. Upon the closing of an order all financial information for the order is made available to allow you to invoice your passengers.

4/ Invoice management

Private Flight pays all catering providers on your behalf, which saves you time and effort. Private Flight then produces an invoice for you according to a personalized process, with invoice frequency and currency agreed upfront. Invoices can show full detail for all orders covered by the consolidated invoice, such as delivery and aircraft details, order reference numbers and a breakdown of the costed summary.

5/ Management reporting

Our dynamic reporting allows for precise monitoring of purchasing trends and costs by trip, aircraft, flight and team member. Monthly and annual reports are provided also, with executive summary, market trends and cost-optimization recommendations.

Talk with us to learn more about how the worlds #1 VIP inflight catering management platform can help provide you with the cost-control as well as delivering the best possible passenger experience.