Our Story

Private Flight Global Limited is a private aviation technology company. Established in 2007, Private Flight has its Head Office in Auckland, New Zealand with staff and operation centers in Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

Company Overview

Private Flight provides intelligent flight operations technology and processes for the private aviation industry. Private Flight’s customers include a broad range of operators including government, management and charter companies throughout the world.

Our goal is to help customers increase internal efficiency, improve their business profitability and deliver a great passenger experience.

Our Products

We develop and implement efficient and resilient software and processes that enable our customers to control costs and increase revenues. These processes also improve the consistency and quality of the flight experience for the passenger further building customer loyalty.

Following initial development, we set out in 2008 to prove the concept by helping customers in one of the industry’s major pain points – catering. Today, Private Flight Global is recognised as the thought leader in the aviation catering community and has shifted catering related procurement from out-dated manual processes to an automated transparent web-based approach.

The Catering Management platform has a portfolio of multinational clients in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and North America and oversees a supply chain with more than +1900 catering providers spanning 174 countries.

Having successfully addressed one of the industries major pain points, the company acquired BizFlight.Net in 2015, a Swiss-based flight operations software platform considered one of the most comprehensive and versatile fleet management software packages in the global business aviation market. We bought BizFlight because we have great plans and are working on something really special. Stay tuned.

Our Approach

Private Flight runs a sophisticated user-centred design and innovation program where its platform development roadmaps are informed by direct conversations with customers. The focus of the program is to identify and solve opportunities to achieve internal efficiencies, improve business profitability and deliver great passenger experiences.

Following in-market customer engagement the roadmap is planned out and shared back with customers to validate. A core design team then utilises the latest in agile innovation approaches that has a high level of customer involvement through feature prototyping and testing. A team of developers then utilise the latest agile software development processes and tools to realise the innovation simply and efficiently.

The system improvements are ultimately leading toward a complete end-to-end flight management platform from owner and charter sales through to ground service ordering and flight dispatch and on to invoicing and meaningful management reporting.

Ultimately, our highest purpose is to transform the passenger experience in the private aviation industry. We believe we can do this while at the same time significantly improving operator efficiency and profitability. We love what we do and are constantly told we relieve headaches and bring real value to our clients and their passengers. This delights us.