Safe Catering in the time of COVID-19

Safety in a time of COVID-19

We know safety is your #1 and Private Flight is here to support that commitment. COVID-19 presents new challenges. Find out about some of the ways we can help you manage your catering requirements in the safest possible way.

1/ Contactless orders

Both your passengers and crew are made safer with reduced points of contact in the process of procuring catering services. Our Catering Platform allows your team to manage all steps of the catering order online – from selecting the provider to work with, structuring and pricing the menu, and confirming details around how the catering will be packaged and delivered to the aircraft. This avoids unnecessary face-to-face contact on arrival, visits to the providers’ kitchen and reduces handling of the food and equipment along the way.

2/ Safe Partners to work with

Working with Private Flight means you are safeguarded in many ways across your service journey. You benefit from our pre-vetting of Network Partners through stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs) . You benefit from safeguards that our agreement creates around food hygiene, transparent terms and fees regarding delivery, cancelled orders and payments. You also benefit from our ongoing work with Partners around continuous improvement of customer experience.

3/ Covid-19 entry point posters

You have an obligation to protect your crew and passengers. We have safe practices used by our catering partners when delivering catering to aircraft including not entering the aircraft, wearing of masks and gloves, having hand sanitisers available and remaining at least 1m from the crew and contact tracing. We’ve backed this up with downloadable posters for customers that can be placed at the steps or entrance to your aircraft.

4/ Safe Software

We build, host and support our software products using the best technology and tools available. This is reflected in the 5-star security rating the Private Flight Catering Platform was awarded in May 2020. This highest possible rating was provided by Fortify On Demand, an international organisation working across many industries, including FinTec.

5/ Support

Our software is supported by Zendesk Help and Support functionality and our international team provides 24/7 operational and technical support across 15+ languages.

Talk with us to learn more about how the worlds #1 VIP Inflight Catering Management Platform can help provide you with the best possible control over the safety and security of your crew and passengers, as well as delivering excellent cost control, efficiency and passenger experience.